Hiking is the Viennese's pleasure ... (offered tours)

If you want to book a tour within the next 7 days, please send us an inquiry by e-mail!

Our tour offer is divided into three categories, which are based on walking time. Walking time means exclusive driving and rest periods. So you can better match the requirement with your constitution.

Short tours

Hikes with a walking time of up to 2 hours

... include a walking time of around 2 hours.

Half-day tours

Walks with a walking time of up to 5 hours

... last between 2 and 4 hours.

Full-day tours

Hikes with a walking time from 5 hours

... are defined as 5 or more hours of walking time.


Hiking with a difference ... especially ...


medieval fortifications in Hainburg

... assigns tours to a thematic focus.

Individual tours

Sunset on a two-day hike

... offers information for your tailor-made hiking offer.

Hiking for companies

Photo of a company walk

... informs about our services as a hiking guide for companies.

Hiking for singles

Singles enjoy nature

...from Vienna. Visit our website!


Presentation of one of our hiking vouchers

...help you to give away hiking pleasures to your loved ones.

Guest rooms

We plan our walks in the office, which also has guest rooms.

... privately rented via AirBnB.