Dramatis Personae

"The important thing is that you feel comfortable, that you feel the nature around you - then mountaineering makes you incredibly happy."

 Quote by Hans Kammerlander

Michael und Töchterchen Mia

The man of the mountains ... and the man behind the scenes ...

Michael was taken as a little boy by his father in the mountains. That's how a passion has been created that has lasted for decades - love for the local mountains and forests. His enthusiasm has already infected many in his environment, friends and acquaintances have benefited from his experience.

It always turned out that someone would have liked to do a (mountain) hike, but only with him the opportunity to do so. This is how the idea of Wiener Wandern (Viennese Hiking) was born.

Michael inmitten von Steinböcken

Michael was born in 1977 and has been living and working in Vienna since 2001. Before that, he lived in southern Lower Austria with a view to Schneeberg and Rax. Mainly he works independently as a programmer. Since May 2012 he may also call himself a proud father.

As a trained paramedic, he volunteered for the Red Cross Lower Austria for a long time and is a member of the Austrian Cave Rescue.
He is also scientifically active in the field of caving and is a member of the Association for Speleology in Vienna and Lower Austria.

Michael is prudent, friendly and understands his craft. Always a "loose fluffy" spell on the lips, walking with him is really fun. As a designer, he has an eye for the beautiful and ensures that nature becomes an experience.

Michael und Töchterchen Mia

On Michael's side are his charming girlfriend Ulli and their daughter Mia Marie, a small entertainment cannon. Sometimes they are also involved and enliven the round.